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Fineness Control

Fineness Control - Sturtevant Mill Company of Europe (SMCE) - automatic remote fineness control machine 

With this automatic remote fineness control machine, it’s possible to changes in the size of fines produced by a Sturtevant Mill Company of Europe (SMCE) air classifier. It’s can be made anytime and without production shutdowns.

Fineness Control - Sturtevant Mill Company of Europe (SMCE)


The fineness of the end product coming from a classifier is function of the closing of the control valves. The control valves of the diaphragm are closed to get a finer product and opened to obtain a coarser product.


Each control valve is directly connected to a hydraulic jack which is driven through an electric valve to an exact position determined by a potentiometer fastened on the shell of the classifier.


This potentiometer sends the position information to the compensating device where it is compared to a pre-set value. When the information does not suit this value, the correction, + or -, of the control valves occurs automatically.